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AURUM Pharmaceuticals is focused on the discovering and developing novel therapeutics to meet patient needs.

AURUM Pharmaceuticals develops novel pharmaceuticals for use in a number of different clinical indications.

The AURUM Pharmaceuticals Team are experts in their respective fields. The team possesses a wealth of medical, scientific and technical expertise to make a success. Team members have worked previously with major pharmaceutical and successful biotechnology companies, as well as in senior academic and research positions.

We collaborate with academic partners, government agencies, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, public bodies and businesses around the world.

We value and work with professionals (scientists, doctors, pharmacists, consultants, agents) and institutions (medical offices, hospitals, counseling centers) who have strategic vision, a proven capacity to work in teams and generate results, with a strong commitment to international development.

We provide advice, expertise and support to businesses and organizations of all profiles. We can work with your organisation on collaborative projects (representative office, licensing etc.) and assist you to grow your business.

We can help you access our world-class researchers and institutional knowledge.

Explore the variety of opportunities with Aurum Pharmaceutical Ltd and join the team.

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